Friday, June 10, 2011

You and me.

M & M.

Will you still be there in the morning skies?

Will your love be there in my heart like im running on a high?

Will your heart beat so loud it stops mine?

Would you wait for the world to end , just to find me still next to you ?

Questions to be answered , places to be seen.

When I’m with you the whole world stops , and sees what you want them to see.

who you are , where you’ve been , nothing matters when im with him.

clocks turn , green lights go. never stop at a red light because you never

know .. when what life may throw at you.

He’s the world to my universe.

the skies to my seas.

the dots to my ‘I’s and the crosses to my ‘T’s.

he always says , don’t worry because together is what we’ll always be.

forever & always. Just you and me.

a promise made. never broken , trust is there .. words left unspoken.

but thats all you need to be in love just like a recipe ,

it all comes together , as one.


About Me

i live life to the fullest. cause time never stops. so catch me if you can. cause i can make your world rock.