Friday, July 31, 2009


I'll cry so you don't have to waste your tears.
I'll start the rain just to have a special kiss.

I'll be there for you just so you know i do care.
I'll always be yours.
cause M & M together.

forever.. till the end of time .

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

M & M part 2

you & your cinnabon
the extremely cute way you run..
makes my life alot more "pun"

Life is worth living with you.
Kase you understand what i have been through.
You make it better
& just know that i'm always yours

in any kind of weather..
i'm yours forever..

M & M

Forever & always.. M & M
I love you just because..

you make me fall right back in love..
because your the perfect one i've been
dreaming of..

I miss you.
it's you i wanna hear.
it's you i wanna see..

when i'm with you i feel so free..

mahal kita.. [ less than 3 ]

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

too the bunsoo.

victor youre a loser.. but your my bro.. and never forget that cause thats fosho !

you kinda give up.. you're always kinda of in a rush.. you do funny things..

which you think is a MUST. but it's not i say its hot you say what ?

you can't hear me cause your AC'S ON ALOT.


When you wish apon a star ,,
do dreams come true ?

The answer is yes , because i have you.
In my life.. in my dreams..
a miracle unraveling is what it seems..

Make no mistake cause this is fate.
From the day i first met you..
until now.. i just wonder how ?
it's because you made my dreams a reality..

right about.. now.

For someone special.

You're what makes me smile.
You're what makes me laugh.
You're my key to survival.
That's an actual fact.

When i dream.. i dream of you.
When you're in love this perfect..
the sky is always blue..

I'll never forget the day i first met you..
All my hopes & dreams just came true..

And it's all because of you _

True love.

True love never waits..
If you want to be with him ..
That's up to you & your fate.

Just one day he'll be yours..
and there go all the love stories
you have been looking for..


If a guy will change..
He will never stay the same..
All the fortune..
All the fame..
He gave it all away..
for you.

His heart is asking.. if you can see what really lies in me..


Sometimes things get tough.
Times get rough.
But you have to remember he's not giving up.

Don't stop believing in him..
That's why we have faith,
It's to believe..


Friends are here for you.
So is he.
But the problem is that you & him cannot be.
After the lies, the way he made you cry..
All he has to do is admit the truth,
You need him , he wants you..
All you both have to do is say what you want to..


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i live life to the fullest. cause time never stops. so catch me if you can. cause i can make your world rock.